New Patients

  • At your first visit one of our dentists will carry out a full examination which may include digital X-rays and which will also include an examination of the inside of your mouth and other soft tissues.
  • We will discuss your reasons for attending. You may wish a routine checkup, or you may have a specific problem that we can help you with, or a specific special occasion you need to prepare for.
  • We will discuss with you what we find, and what we can do to help. A treatment plan will be formulated for you and a copy given to you. You will be able to have a full discussion of your treatment options and costs with your dentist.
  • Some treatments, for example, white back fillings and more cosmetic fillings may not be available on the NHS, guide prices are available here . You will always know in advance the fees involved in your treatment, you can always ask your dentist, or our other staff for a further explanation.
  • We have evening appointments, Friday afternoon appointments and Saturday morning appointments available, because we know how difficult it is to juggle work and family commitments.

We have a new patients pack with information on our practice, click here to download it. It includes a medical history form and an information leaflet.

NHS fees are (as of April 2016)

Band 1 -  £19.70 Examination, which includes X-rays if needed, and as needed simple scale and polish and advice.

Band 2 - £53.90 includes fillings, extractions, root treatment extensive gum treatment

Band 3 - £233.70 includes crowns, dentures etc